Composting & Worm Farming CityEast College

Course Outline

This course shows how easy it is to reduce household waste through the art of composting and worm farming. Learn how to turn organic waste into food for your garden using a compost bin or worm farm.
1 hour demonstration and Q&A on composting. 30 minute break. 1 hour demonstration and Q&A on Worm farming. You are welcome to attend either or both session. Topics covered include: principles of composting and worm farming, troubleshooting your compost or worm farm, what is better for you, a compost bin or worm farm, how to use compost and worm castings; and the environmental benefits of composting and worm farming

Participants from the local area can receive a composting bin or worm farm through

This course has no current classes. Please to be notified of vacancies and similar courses.

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    All the new knowledge, how easy it was to ask questions and get answers. We asked a lot of questions (and she answered really well) and maybe it made it challenging for the tutor to keep track on all the steps she wanted us to learn about composting.
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    Every question I had was answered and the response was easy to understand. I would rate this course as excellent.
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    It was great thanks.