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Course Outline

In a highly stimulated, very busy world, attending to demands on our time can mean we lose sight of what we truly want, what’s really important. Managing continual responsibilities and challenges can get in the way of our sense of personal destiny and meaning, our life purpose. We can sometimes feel we are missing out. Your ‘Life Purpose’ course gives you the chance to explore both meaning and life purpose and even reconnect with what it is you really want.

Your facilitator, therapist and life coach, George Owen, will help you seize your chance to explore what really matters for you personally, to make meaning and take steps that make a difference.
This short, four week program is informed by Eric Maisel’s book; Life Purpose Biit Camp' and each participant will receive a copy of the e-book as well as many bonus materials to help along the way.

Together, we look at the “meaning of meaning”, as a psychological experience and how making meaning can be a powerful first step in securing life purposes. Other topics include how to make meaning investments and choosing value-based meaning-making, how you might personally build your own brand to help hold your purposes close, and how to practically remain connected to a life of purpose even when things get tough and stressful.

Ideal for

This course could be really useful for you if:

  • You’re feeling dis-satisfied or somehow unfulfilled from time to time and are not clear about what’s next!
  • You know that you’ve got a destiny to fulfil but life seems to offer more obstacles than green lights!
  • You might even be experiencing some sadness or negative thinking about your current state and future direction
  • You’re aware of the changes you can make but somehow lack direction
  • Your sense of passion and joy in life is diminishing somehow
  • You’re curious, or a willingness to be curious, about the experience of meaning and a sense of life purpose
  • You want the opportunity to experiment with your own experiences of life purposes


  • Gain an understanding of Maisel’s work on meaning and life purpose and how to apply them to you.
  • Cultivate awareness and addressing circumstances, even in challenging times.
  • Identify your own personal life purposes – creating your own personal ‘brand’ and 'logo'
  • Gain practical action steps to living your life purposes action steps

Other information

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