Growing Big in Small Spaces Using Permaculture CityEast College

Course Outline

Small places can yield big results when productive gardens are made according to permaculture design principles.

Intensive food production in a very small area - and a small area is all that many of us have here in the Eastern suburbs - is the theme of this short course that calls upon our knowledge, imagination and innovation.

Led by permaculture landscape architect, we’ll learn about applying permaculture’s principles of design in a small urban garden space, assessing our garden site for sun and wind, preparing a good soil for our plants and which plants are suitable for growing in a vertical garden array and in raised garden beds.

This is a practical course over six Monday mornings at the Randwick Sustainability Hub at the Randwick Community Centre. Using a mix of raised garden beds, vertical gardens and a small aquaponic system we’ll explore the possibilities that eventuate when imagination and knowledge are applied in a small area.

From the course you will take away knowledge, insight and skills, What you leave behind will be an educational feature bringing added value to the Permaculture Interpretive Garden, making this a short course with added social benefit.

This course has no current classes. Please to be notified of vacancies and similar courses.