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Course Outline

Learn the art of happiness. Happiness is often seen as elusive, even beyond reach for some. In our over-stimulated world opportunities to experience happiness come and go and are often missed. In fact, sometimes it is only in looking back in time we realise happiness experiences that have passed. In the moment, we can be very clear when we are unhappy. There are many ways we can experience the pleasant feeling of happiness, a warm sense of contentment, elevated mood and sense of wellness.

It is true for most of us that there can be times of challenge, stress, or even sadness. It is these challenging times that call for coping skills and building our capacity to experience happiness again.
The fact is, happiness is a curious, interesting, subjective experience and while we enjoy this most positive emotion in our own particular way, there is evidence that there are very useful strategies for lifting our mood, build optimism and reduce stress experiences in the process.

Your short course is informed by some research from schools of positive psychology and sociology and we offer participants insights, approaches, and some simple skills that offer the promise of a happier life

The Art of Happiness sessions offers evidence-based strategies and tools for making life a happier experience. Seriously, be prepared for fun too!

To enhance your experience, our Online Art of Happiness classes are limited to ten participants using Zoom.

Ideal for...

Anyone interested in how implementing positivity and positive psychology can make a difference in your quality of life.


We explore the following topics over the 4 sessions of 2 hours duration each:

  • What is happiness? And, how do I get more of it??
  • Meaning, life purpose and happiness
  • Connecting with personal strengths to experience happiness
  • Seriously looking at fun, pleasure and humour!
  • Getting the balance right and the experience of "flow"
  • Confidence and happiness
  • Mind full mess and Mindfulness.
  • Social connection and happiness
  • Exploring new possibilities


  • Explore the story and science of happiness
  • Learn how to refresh your taste for happiness
  • Diminish your stress responses
  • Boost your creativity

What You Need

About your tutor

George Owen (M.A., Dip; CH,Strat Psych. MP; NLP), is a coach and therapist who loves training! Originally from Ireland, an Australian citizen for almost 20 years has been a university lecturer, trainer and therapist. George brings a broad range of behavioural science skills to his latest work. “Work”, is however, NOT a feature of the courses he teaches. Fun can be a greater aid to learning than effort or challenge!
In supporting individuals become clear of obstacles, find joy, happiness, and purpose is underscored by a sense of fun and appreciation of the uniqueness of each individual. No assessments, no undue complications are features of all of George’s professional endeavours.

George says:
"I really enjoy the uniqueness of every person and not just their potential for happiness and purpose, but entitlement to these."
The simplest ideas, such as “happiness”, or even “purpose” contain considerable and even amusing complexities, and an attitude of curiosity and play are powerful tools to enjoy exploration in any learning activity.

Other information

This course is held on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Please to read our online course delivery information to get the most out of your sessions.

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