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Course Outline

Want to have more impact in various areas of your life? Curious about the science of persuasion and the psychology of influence? Or do you simply want to gain confidence in your relationships in the workplace or with family and friends? If so, this course is for you.

Influence and persuasion are a science, not an art. Our Psychology Of Influence Course will give you the methods and know-how to become an ‘influencer’.

To be separated from control, persuasion is about being confident in your ideas and gaining trust and respect amongst your peers. As your discovery the psychology of influence, you will learn about Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence, examining current writings on this fascinating topic.

For years, persuasive personalities or ‘influencers’, were regarded as unique, born to enjoy their winning ways. Not so! Skills of influencers can be learned and practiced to deliver real results!
From politics to personal relationships, from soft diplomacy to hard business skills, our Psychology Of Influence Course will explore the evidence available in a wide variety of published source material. Although conversational in tone, this course is informed by established evidence-based research on the psychology of influence and persuasion.

Ideal for

Our Psychology Of Influence Course is suitable for anyone curious about the science and psychology of influence and persuasion, as well as those who simply wish to gain confidence in relationships, either social or professional.


• Understanding of current theories of influence
• Understanding the impact of rapport and 'liking strategies'
• Understanding of how body language and verbal style can influence
• Understanding of how ‘groupthink’ operates and the power of 'authority'
• Understanding of the notion of ‘pre-suasion’ and 'post-suasion'

About your tutor

Our Psychology Of Influence tutor, George Owen (M.A., Dip; CH, Strat Psych. MP; NLP), is a coach and therapist who loves training! Originally from Ireland, and an Australian citizen now for over 20 years, he has been a university lecturer, trainer and therapist. George brings a broad range of behavioural science skills to his work. ‘Work’, however, not a feature of the courses he teaches! George believes fun can be a greater aid to learning than effort or challenge!

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