Course Outline

You no longer need to head to the bank to perform every transaction, and you can buy just about anything you need online without ever stepping outside your door. You can transfer money, pay bills, buy groceries and other goods, and even make all your travel arrangements online.

This workshop will walk you through the basics of the internet in readiness to explore the world off online shopping, whether you want to book a holiday or buy groceries. We will walk you through the process of buying something on line and you will also learn how to stay safe online for banking and shopping.

First we’ll walk through the initial phase – finding who is selling what you need.
Second we’ll talk through some tips, tricks and traps of online shopping.
Then we get to the good part – the online shopping experience!

The Tech Savvy Seniors Program is part of the NSW Ageing Strategy which was launched in July 2012 by the Minister for Ageing at City East Community College and is an initiative of the NSW Aging Strategy, funded through a partnership between the NSW Government and Telstra.

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