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Course Outline

Everyone can sing! Connect to your natural voice and discover the joy of singing with CEC’s supportive singing classes. You’ll learn how to sing in tune and with confidence!

During our singing lessons you will understand and experience the basic principles behind singing in tune, singing with confidence and protecting your valuable instrument.

Each week singing lessons will start with breathing exercises, vocal warm ups and an awareness of your posture and alignment, before you learn to sing a range of musical arrangements in a group. Along the way, our lessons will teach you all about relaxation techniques for singing and performing, basic ear-training, pitch and intonation (singing in tune) and rhythm. During singing classes you will even have an opportunity to perform solo in front of a group, if you feel comfortable doing so. No pressure at all, these classes are all about connecting to your voice and having fun singing in a group.

Ideal for...

Our Singing Lessons are for anyone who wants to sing! Absolute beginners as well as experienced singers are welcome in to learn how to improve singing.


• Understanding of the importance of breathing and vocal warm up for singing
• An awareness of posture and alignment for singing
• Toolkit of relaxation techniques for singing and performing
• Development of basic ear-training, pitch and intonation
• Experience in singing harmonies, rounds and songs in a group

Please bring

• Notepad
• Pen

About your tutor

Our Singing Lessons tutor, Lucinda Peters is an Australian singer, musician, recording artist and performer with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Voice from ANU. While she is engaged in her own career, she holds an equal passion and enthusiasm for teaching people how to sing.

She has toured extensively within Australia, the USA, Europe and Japan as a solo artist and band leader, playing with some of Australia’s leading jazz musicians. Australian jazz legend, Don Burrows, who is dedicated to inspiring young musicians, has been an inspirational mentor and co-producer of her first recording, Show Me the Way To Your Heart. Lucinda has also been a member of chamber and jazz choirs (Adelaide Connection) and has conducted vocal ensembles.

Other information

All courses need a minimum number of students to run. For your convenience information about class cancellations or changes are made initially via email and SMS, please ensure these details are correct.


$210 Limited inc GST

<p><div class="hidden-image-hero"><br/>{image name:“Singing”}<br/></div></p><p>Everyone can sing! Connect to your natural voice and discover the joy of singing with CEC’s supportive singing classes.


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  • Course testimonials
    Totally inspirational tutor, gave me the confidence to sing!
  • Course testimonials
    The teacher created a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. She has a wealth of expertise and her instruction techniques are easy to follow.
  • Course testimonials
    Great course. Very knowledgable teacher who guided us through a thorough process of voice and breathing development. Look forward to doing some more singing courses with CEC.