Deloitte Impact Day

Mock interviews at the Deloitte Impact Day

On Friday 16th November, 14 mentees from the Mentor Program and 30 Deloitte staff participated in a mock interview event at the Deloitte Impact Day in Parramatta. Each job-seeker was interviewed by two or three members of the Deloitte team.

The mock interview sessions were incredibly valuable for the job-seekers. For some, it was the first interview they’d experienced since arriving in Australia. In addition to the interview practice, this was a great opportunity for the mentees to connect with fellow professionals. ‘The mock interview was a unique and enriching experience which enabled me to receive in-depth insights and tips from the best in the field. I am sure it will help me take stronger steps toward job seeking’, commented one mentee.

The Deloitte staff also found it to be a rewarding experience. ‘I think the work of the Mentor Program is amazing. I genuinely believe this type of immigration is what built Australia and exactly what we need to continue to grow as a nation’, commented one of the interviewers.

Our thanks to Deloitte for providing this opportunity and for supporting the City East Mentor Program.