Course Outline

Small talk isn’t small. Discover the art of small talk with CEC’s practical course. Develop your small talk skills as you learn to initiate and maintain engaging conversations.

Good conversation and small talk is not about how extroverted you are, it is about listening, ensuring you are approachable, nurturing a conversation and so much more.

In our practical small talk workshop you will learn how to make small talk. You’ll practice how to initiate a conversation with strangers, find common ground, build the your ‘small talk’ conversation, and how to make the best exit. Throughout it all you will discover the importance of making the other person comfortable and how to observe, listen, complement and question appropriately.

Ideal for

Our Art of Small Talk Workshop is for anyone who wants to polish up their conversation skills. It is suitable for those who are shy as well as extraverted and want to learn how to become better at small talk.


• An understanding of what makes small talk a great conversation
• Ability to plan for, initiate and maintain a good conversation
• Ability to gracefully exit a conversation

Please bring

• Notepad
• Pen

Other information

All courses need a minimum number of students to run. For your convenience information about class cancellations or changes are made initially via email and SMS, please ensure these details are correct.

This course has no current classes. Please to be notified of vacancies and similar courses.

  • Course testimonials
    Teacher was engaging and I left in an elevated and hopeful mood. A course for all people.
  • Course testimonials
    I have already started applying the principals in my professional and personal life.
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