Course Outline

While we can’t see everything a body is ‘saying’ online, we can still learn a lot about what our counterparts are thinking and feeling. Paying attention to shifts in posture, eye movements, and other expressions could well be the difference that makes the difference in your next online meeting.
We cannot just see smiles online we can hear them too! You know when someone is sincerely happy over the phone, you can also discern what’s going on for people even if you can only see a head and shoulders shot onscreen.
What if, while you’re making your presentation and you notice a sudden shift in posture, a sudden gaze aversion, or an apparently absentminded picking of lint from a shoulder? What do you do now? Keep calm and carry on?
What if one of your online audience suddenly moves their lips as if chewing some unsavory food? What if their upper lip seems to curl up momentarily?
What if someone presenting to you seems to be putting their hand to their throat at particular parts of their contribution?
Learn what nonverbal indicators are suggesting and what you can do to shift things in a more favorable direction while doing business online.

To enhance your experience, our Online Body Language in Online classes are limited to ten participants using Zoom.

Ideal for...

Anyone interested in learning how to communicate effectively through online calls, whether for business or social!


  • Gain an understanding of basic body language.
  • Become proficient with reading other’s body language through video calls
  • Learn how to communicate successfully through video calls, via your own body language

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About your tutor

George Owen has a long-standing passion for adult education, having been lecturing within the behavioural science arena for over two decades. He has attained national accreditation in clinical hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy, successfully completing Master Practitioner of NLP, studying coaching, counselling and so on. George is passionate about developing more efficient ways to support people to make positive changes in their lives

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This course is held on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Please to read our online course delivery information to get the most out of your sessions.

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