Course Outline

Do you find yourself saying “yes” when you mean “no”? Ever settle for less? Do you stay quiet when your input can make a difference? Need to polish up those negotiating skills? Our fun, interactive, one-day workshop will give you the negotiation skills required to negotiate effectively.

CEC’s Negotiation Skills Workshop is designed to help you access skills to negotiate effectively no matter what the context. Use negotiation skills training so that whether it’s with family, with colleagues at work, or when making that special purchase, your negotiation skills are up to sctrach! Negotiation skills can make a huge difference to your personal and professional outcomes.

During the Negotiation Skills Workshop, you will identify your own preferred style of negotiating, and together we will explore the 4 simple steps through which all negotiations flow; preparing, discussing, proposing and bargaining. The ability to control these steps and expect realistic results will be a very powerful outcome of negotiation skills training. We will also explore the power of language and questioning as an effective tool to shift focus and secure desired outcomes.

Ideal for

Our Negotiation Skills Workshop is for anyone who wants better negotiation skills for personal or professional reasons.


• Ability to identify your own personal negotiation skills style
• Understanding of the four steps of negotiating
• Ability to use language and questioning tools to shift focus
• Practical tips to improve negotiation skills and influence negotiations

Other information

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  • Course testimonials
    It was a very in depth look in to the topic of negotiation and lots of other interesting ideas were introduced as well. George was very academically knowledgeable and he had a lovely manner of presentation.
  • Course testimonials
    The course was excellent in content, presentation, illustrations and participation. The time flew and I was sorry it was over so quickly.
  • Course testimonials
    I liked the title of the course. It got the message across that the skills taught would be applicable in multiple situations. Apart from being well organised (prepared!) and sharing useful information & strategies, the tutor was very good at maintaining interest & attention - no small task in an intensive, one-day course.