Course Outline

Are you curious about the science of influence and persuasion? Or simply want to gain confidence in your interpersonal relationships in the workplace or with family and friends? This short workshop is for you!

This interactive workshop is designed to help you understand how the skills of ‘influencers’ can be learned and practiced to deliver real results. Influence and persuasion is a science rather than an art. It is about being confident in your ideas and gaining trust and respect amongst your peers. It is based on the work of John C Maxwell’s book Becoming a Person of Influence. Together we’ll take an informal look at the Maxwell’s “laws” of gaining influence: integrity, nurturing, trusting, listening, enlarging, connection and empowering

To enhance your experience, our Online Influence classes are limited to ten participants using Zoom.

Ideal for

Our Influence & Persuasion Skills Workshop is for anyone who wants to gain ethical persuasive communication skills for personal or professional reasons.

What you need


• Explore the principle of reciprocity; ‘the old give and take’... and take. Giving in order to get!
• Learn about body language and influence. Verbal styles and influence. What you can do!
• Understand the power of group influence (what you can do when ‘groupthink’ operates) and the importance of trustworthy ‘authority’ for influence.
• Get skilled with understanding messages of scarcity and how loss drives desire as well as practical applications for you. The power of consistency for influence and persuasion.
• Bringing it all together. Drawing from a range of sources and ‘playing’ with influence. Notions of ‘pre-suasion’ and ‘post-suasion’. How you can influence with sound preparation.

About your tutor

George Owen (M.A., Dip; CH,Strat Psych. MP; NLP), is a coach and therapist who loves training! Originally from Ireland, an Australian citizen for almost 20 years has been a university lecturer, trainer and therapist. George brings a broad range of behavioural science skills to his latest work. “Work”, is however, NOT a feature of the courses he teaches. Fun can be a greater aid to learning than effort or challenge!
In supporting individuals become clear of obstacles, find joy, happiness, and purpose is underscored by a sense of fun and appreciation of the uniqueness of each individual. No assessments, no undue complications are features of all of George’s professional endeavours.

Other information

This course is held on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Please to read our online course delivery information to get the most out of your sessions.

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