Course Outline

Zoom…Facetime…Skype…Communicating these days means being able to present yourself well over a digital medium. If you are like most people, you want the image and personality that you present in face-to-face interactions to be just as personable and engaging on screen. For example, in a Zoom meeting, there are easy ways to become more dynamic and ensure you look professional. This course assists you to enhance the emotional and personal connections you make during screen conversations.

In this enjoyable short course, corporate trainer, professional actor, comedian and storytelling coach John Knowles will combine presentation tips, storytelling insights and a suite of virtual “Do's and Don'ts” that will hone your ability to confidently attend or host an online meeting. If your aim is to ensure your meetings are interesting and entertaining, this course will be a great first step. Adapting your own communication style to the virtual world is not difficult. It takes practice and learning what works best for you. Exercising your sense of humour really helps.

Ideal for

Anyone who wants to learn all the skills necessary to present themselves well in online meetings.


• Tips for ‘staging’ your home recording – including complimentary lighting, sound and backgrounds
• Ways to increase the watcher’s interest in your words
• Online etiquette rules and hints for looking more professional
• How to use facial expression, gesture and vocal variety to keep your audience from tuning out or getting distracted
• Using the online program’s built-in interactive tools such as whiteboard and share-screen to keep participants engaged
• How to adapt your delivery to account for an audience that may have their microphone muted or camera turned off
• How to respond well to being sent to a breakout room for what is often a one-to-one conversation
• How to improvise and use humour to cover for technical glitches

What You Need

• To read our online course delivery information
• Pen & notepad
• A computer/laptop with a working webcam and microphone.

About your tutor

Intuitive, authentic and humorous, John Knowles engages students with passion and humility, leveraging over 25 years of communication expertise in his work as a professional actor, storyteller, improviser, coach and trainer.
John has been performing comedy, writing and coaching overseas business leaders in storytelling with authenticity and humour for many years. Working via platforms such as Zoom, he uses storytelling, improvisation exercises and presentation tips to bring out the best in people.

Trained in coaching/mentoring with Corporate Coach U. John Knowles has successfully impacted over two dozen Fortune 500 companies with his training and communication programs. John is a 2020 winner of The Moth storytelling competition in Sydney. He is heard regularly on ABC Radio hosting his storytelling game show ‘I Can Top That!’. John studied at improvised comedy at The Second City in Toronto, went to Ryerson Acting School, and represented Australia in the World Theatresports Championships. He co-developed the ‘Impro Crash Course’ for storytellers and stand-up comedians taught at The Sydney Comedy Store.

John’s courses include: ‘Storytelling: Tell Your Story with Impact’, ‘Mastering Your Elevator Pitch’, ‘Present Well In Online Meetings’ and ‘Mastering Small Talk’.

Other information

This course is held on the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Please to read our online course delivery information to get the most out of your sessions.

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