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Not all resumes are created equal. There are good resumes and there are bad resumes. A good resume helps you land the job of your dreams. However, a bad resume just ends up in the recycling box. For some job seekers, a well-facilitated resume webinar is the critical difference between a good resume and a bad resume. There’s more to writing a resume than listing one’s employment history.
This resume writing webinar will help attendees with constructive feedback, resume samples and other strategies for writing winning resumes.

Ideal for...

Anyone interested in learning how to communicate effectively through online business calls!


• Cover the components of a resume. Inform attendees of what a resume should include such as contact information, career objective, summary statement, work experience and education and training.
• Discuss the chronological, functional and combination resume formats.
• Explain the process of targeting resumes for specific employers.

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